As a partnership with the school district and the business community, this innovative approach is truly bridging the gap for students who are directly entering the workforce.


We began because of the very pressing needs of both our graduating students and area businesses. Our students need quality jobs, and businesses in our community need a prepared workforce and can only grow if we meet their hiring needs.  80% of our students nationally are not going to complete a 4-year degree and need to be prepared and connected to the great jobs and career paths in our communities.

The Career Academy model we have developed is meant to be replicated and sustainable in communities as we tie together businesses and schools that are defined by geography.  Our program reinforces the sense of community and brings them together to support the needs of both.



Great jobs are readily available in our community and we are going to help students prepare and connect to them


Full-year integrated approach in the classroom and in partnership with the community for the students who will not attend college

In our 4th year in Plant City’s program, we are now offering a completely integrated curriculum that includes:



All English 4 and English 4 Honors students are enrolled in the Future Career Academy Plant City.  Generally, students who may not be on a college-bound track.

1) Required state curriculum has been refocused on workforce development assignments by teachers in daily classes.  The curriculum includes topics such as resume writing, interview skills, dress for success, how to advance in a career, etc.

Additionally, in the classroom we offer original content:

2) Videos unique to Plant City industries to include:

  • Welcome and introduction to the Career Academy
  • Internships and Certification Programs Overview
  • Industry sectors that are thriving (with two companies profiled):
    • Logistics
    • Construction
    • Information Technology
    • Manufacturing
    • Agribusiness
    • Financial and Professional Services
    • Industrial Trades
    • Healthcare

The videos highlight starting positions, salaries and opportunities for advancement in each industry.

3) Financial Literacy is offered to introduce financial concepts and good money management skills in preparation for employment and earning a paycheck

4) Community and Business Connection Opportunities

  • Great American Teach-In (11/15/18)
  • Business Field Trip (1/17/19)
  • Plant City Future Fair (4/25/19)
    • A hiring event featuring dozens of area employers
  • Signing Day (5/9/19)
    • To highlight select students who are entering certification programs, apprenticeships or a new job